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The Fiund Blog reaches millions of the smartest readers in the world each month. We publish a weekly and a daily newsletter that reaches all of our subscribers (including posting stories to our popular Instagram).

We strive to publish as many fresh and interesting stories as possible. We are eager to publish stories that will make a difference nowin the next few years, and hopefully… forever. This goal forces us to have strict editorial rules for the articles and stories we accept. We get a large number of questions and submissions, and we only consider pieces that match the following criteria.

Cover Our Topics & Themes

Each story must align with one or more of our themes. Our themes include: accelerated marketing, startups, technology, marketing, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and online marketing tricks. We love promoting interesting ways you are doing digital marketing and tips our followers can actually apply.

Tell a Story

Each submission should include a story, no matter how brief, to draw the readers into your story. We’re looking to publish stories between 750 – 3,000 words. The types and format of stories we publish include: Op-Ed’s, in depth how-to pieces, interesting musings, high quality listicles, journalistic works of art, top 100 lists, and interesting interviews.

Here are some of examples of the type of stories we’re looking for:

Entertain & Educate

Each story should try to tie into an important marketing topic (whether its importance was lost in the past, exists now, or will be vital in the future). Our stories seek to explore, entertain, and spark conversation around rapidly emerging marketing technologies and issues. We’re looking for strong opinions, weakly held.

Things to Remember



Please Only Submit Unpublished Drafts


In the spirit of trying to get your article the most exposure possible, we prefer unpublished drafts over published stories. Googles’s algorithm favors fresh stories.


We Reserve the Right to Alter and Edit Your Story


The Fiund team can edit the content of your story if grammatical errors are found, along with adding logos, bylines, ads, images, etc. to your story. If you remove this content after your story is published, it will be removed from Fiund, and you will be removed from our list of contributors.


We’re Looking For Long-Term Relationships


Once we’ve published your story on the Fiund Experts Blog, we ask that it remain in our publication. We will not be accepting articles from writers who publish with Fiund and then publish the same stories elsewhere.


We will only publish author bylines that are 1–2 sentences long. Please feel free to include 1–2 links. Anything longer will be removed (including author photos, newsletter forms, excessive links, etc). These shorter bylines and a single sentence CTA to recommend and share will help increase the amount of people your story reaches.


Response Time
Our response time varies, but we’re usually pretty quick. If you haven’t heard back about a submission within 48 hours, please assume it won’t be published.

To have your submission considered, please fill out this form. If your story aligns with Fiunds’s themes, we’ll be in touch soon.

We’re looking forward to your submission!

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