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Our goal is to build your social presence so your customers find you and buy through your social media.

Pinterest Marketing

Most people think of Google SEO when they think of digital marketing. Few know just how powerful Pinterest is as not just a picture pinner but an actual search engine.

Pinterest has well over 200 Million active monthly users who are searching for products, brands and more. At FIUND we have custom built Pinterest strategies and campaigns aimed at boosting your website traffic and increasing conversion rates.


Twitter is one of the world’s most powerful way to share information. Journalists account for about 24.6% of verified accounts on Twitter this and other features set the site apart as an authority on trending topics.

The authority the site has to offer, give a great Segway for your brand to promote products in a professional and exciting new way.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is leading the way in online brand promotion. Constantly updating to add new features for product promotion this site is marketing gold for any company.

With many years of experience promoting brands through Instagram FIUND get set you up for massive success on this platform. From customer growth campaigns to influencer marketing we do it all and know the secrets of the game inside and out.

Facebook Marketing

As the biggest social networking site in the world the possibilities for highly targeted marketing on Facebook are endless. Whether its group promotions, content promotions, pages or events Facebook is the biggest platform for getting the word out.

Fiund has some powerful tools and innovative ways to get your content in front of the eyes of your customers.


Social Media and Digital Marketing Solutions for all Industries

FIUND Marketing

Instagram Followers

Is laser focused on social media marketing and making sure we do it well. In addition, we do digital marketing, search engine optimization and website design.

We manage social media accounts for great companies trying to get bigger and big companies looking for more creativity.

We manage Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube accounts and are experts at increasing and engaging followers.

We post trendy and creative content to help your company expand and hit your goals.

67% of people are more likely to buy a concert ticket after watching a facebook live video on the actual or a similar event.

91% of 18-34 year olds that are using social media to talk about brands. Thats pretty much everyone. What are they saying about you?

95 million photos and videos are shared on instagram every single day.

The average income of around half of Pinterest users is $50K or greater per year, with 10 percent of Pinteresting households making greater than $125K.

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